Week 16: Rainy Day Pass

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and Jemma is…I’ve got nothing…


I hear the constant pattern of raindrops on my concrete rooftop, enough to keep me from falling back asleep. Every now and then the pattern is broken by the swishing sound of the winds against tree branches, whipping off layers of Eucalyptus bark. A Saturday morning of errands awaits me, but this is stay in bed weather, right? I want to continue and cuddle within the warmth of my flannel blankie, staying comfy in my sweats and thick cotton socks. Five more minutes please, or ten, or fifteen, or…


During this 50 weeks to 50 journey, some of the weeks are planned in advance, while many of the weeks were inspired by what was happening at the time – news articles, sporting events, personal emotions, Groupon offerings. This week I have nothing. But maybe I don’t need one big new thing to do when I have a bunch of small new adventures all the time. All adventures don’t have to be large scale African Safari types.

I usually have my 50 Weeks activities on the weekend. So my non-activity for this week — I will blame on the rain, plus a bunch of other last minute activities. But the activity I was originally planning was outside and it would have been too muddy. Another one would have been perfect in the rain, but I didn’t have enough time to plan. And my last option I decided not to attend, because I wanted to support our UCHS Varsity team and go to the playoff game instead. (Notice I am not divulging these activities because I reserve the right to do them later.) I could have done something during the week, such as some Mardi Gras bead throwing, breast exposing thing, but my schedule was booked with evening meetings. And I do have a day job.

I became a little stressed about my non-activity. What am I going to do? This will throw my whole 50 weeks timeline off, and I didn’t want to disappoint my loyal readers — all five of you. But as I thought about it more, I actually did a few things I’ve never done before, just not big scale stuff.


la jolla

I’m lucky enough to work within walking distance of the beach. Sometimes it’s nice to grab some lunch, walk to the beach and watch the waves. I can get lost in the sounds of the crashing waves, and the colors of the scary deep blue ocean waters, while looking above to the calmer sky blue. Every now and then it’s okay to get lost.


On a cold and wintry Friday night, I went to Curie’s First Party for a Cause fundraiser. Now I really have no affiliation with Curie Elementary, my kids went to Spreckels, the other elementary school in South University City. But as EdUCate! board members that support all the five public schools in UC, some of us went to show our support. And I had tons of fun. It was held at the Soledad Club, which I have never been to before, and the venue had an excellent view of Mission Bay below. There was a good crowd there, and all the adults had a rollicking good time without their kids. Good Italian food from Solare and Bice, some nice tasty Curie blue drinks (open bar thank you), silent auction for the shopaholics (thank you Amy for the artwork), and a local band that played songs from our generation…I’ll stop the world and melt with you…

Saturday brought more rain all day. During a break in the weather, I walked to my new route and delivered our UCCA community newsletters and met a couple new neighbors. I felt good about answering questions about our UC events. Good thing I knew the answers, especially about continuing our weekly Wednesday Food Trucks for EdUCate! My boys were staying in (baseball practices cancelled), but since boys will be boys and are always hungry, they demanded food. I had found out that Sonic had recently opened nearby in Kearny Mesa and we had never been to that one yet (I have been to Sonic in Palm Springs and one in Denver). So off we went to Sonic to get burgers. The lines went into the street, but since that was our excursion for the day we stayed in the drive-thru lane. Forty minutes later we placed our orders – burgers, chili cheese dogs, chicken strips, tater tots, fries, onion rings, chili cheese fries, shakes, fudge brownie molten cake sundae — and that was for Grant! Hey we had to make the wait worth it.


That evening the whole family went to the UCHS basketball playoff game at Mission Bay High School. I went with my friend Gigi, younger son and friends drove with my ex Brian, and older son drove himself. Hmm, one family, three cars. Not a very good footprint. It was a very exciting game, but we lost. To drown out the disappointment, Gigi took me to some places in Pacific Beach that I had never been to before and she thought I would love. She knows me well, I loved them both. First, she took me to a nostalgic candy shop called the Rocket Fizz. Well, if any place sells candy, of course I would love it. But not just any candy, brands that bring you back to your childhood and others you have never seen before. Remember those cigarette candies that when we were kids, we pretended we were smoking — now we wouldn’t be caught dead trying the real stuff. Plus lots of glass bottled sodas, a four-pack is only $6.99 (I got a Sprite/7-Up grouping to start a bottle collection). And a large variety of memorabilia aluminum posters. I bought candy too (well, duh), and will need to come back for more sodas and decorative items.

We jaywalk across the street to World Curry for an evening bite to eat. I had never been there, although they donate to our auctions all the time. We get some chicken satay, salad, katsu curry and Roti, which was such a delicious fried bread that we had to get a second order. All tasty and so many more dishes to explore, since curry dishes from all over the world are available. Yum. And fruity drinks and teas too. After closing the place down, we were too full for a Mr. Frosties treat — I have never been there either — we agree to return sometime soon, another new excursion.

world curry

Sunday is the usual: errands, shopping, laundry, Farmer’s Market — scarfed down some vegetarian food from Green Door catering, that Martin sure is tasty, I mean his food is tasty. Oh, and later we were having a Freshman team party at Round Table Pizza to celebrate a winning season. My younger son’s first team party in high school. A season where I was able to make new friends with parents of his teammates and reconnect with others I knew from elementary school days. They’re a special group of kids, parents all got along, we all love Coach Alex, and looking forward to growing with them all until they are seniors.

After watching my favorite reality show Amazing Race, and looking at two more loads of laundry and grocery shopping still to do (what time does Von’s close), I knew I really didn’t have time to do anything major this week for my 50 weeks. With six meetings in the next three nights, something has got to give.


Why are sunsets so captivating? Sunsets draw people to the Shores every night, and along with the other sunset groupies, I find myself in awe of the colors that nature allows us to view. Especially after the storm, the time after the sun sets seems even more mesmerizing. Watching the shore trance-like, my worries all go away. What am I waiting for? Every time I try to leave, I turn around to catch another glimpse of the setting sun’s glory. One last look…and dolphins are playfully jumping over the waves. I smile.



We look at our lives, and me with this 50 weeks journey, and I think about how many thrilling and unusual adventures can I cram in one year. But in reality, and in life before and after this year, we make new discoveries every day. The blooms of yellow wildflowers in the crevices of Torrey Pines, the taste of new flavors from a local restaurant, the joy of finding so many loose dollars and change in your kids pockets when doing the laundry — man, they must have rich parents. The adventure of everyday life can be thrilling enough, when you learn to appreciate such joys. (Regardless, I’m still continuing this 50 weeks thing.)

Rain, rain, go away, but please come back another day…I want to sing to your song, run underneath your wings, and let your drops quench my thirst for adventure.




Sonic, 5247 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego 92123, www.sonicdrivein.com

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop, 1414 Garnet Ave., San Diego 92109, www.rocketfizz.com

World Curry, 1433 Garnet Ave., San Diego 92109, www.worldcurry.com

Green Door Catering, www.greendoorcatering.com, La Jolla, Encinitas, and UCSD Farmer’s Markets

Round Table Pizza, 3250 Governor Drive, San Diego 92122, www.roundtablepizza.com

2 thoughts on “Week 16: Rainy Day Pass

  1. Jemma! Love this! One of my favorite reads thus far. Remember our lives don’t always have to be filled with “planned” activities…this is your “go with the flow” activity. Proud of you. ♥♥

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