50 Weeks to 50 Table of Contents

Week 1: Cleansing the Mind and Soul

Week 2: Cleansing the Body

Week 3: A Reading

Week 4: A Jump of Faith

Week 5: Shelter for the Night

Week 6: Making Lumpia

Week 7: Ending the Year with a Bang!

Week 8: Symphony Seduction

Week 9: Juice Me Up

Week 10: I’m A Flasher

Week 11: 24 Hours at 24 Hour Fitness

Week 12: Pop-Up Masquerade

Week 13: Curling (It Has Nothing to Do With Hair)

Week 14: Love is Your Salvation

Week 15: Chivalry is Alive

Week 16: Rainy Day Pass

Week 17: Jettisoned the Jetpack

Week 18: Stop and Smell the Flowers

Week 19A: Going Commando

Week 19: This Ain’t Your Momma’s Bingo

Week 20: What’s SUP with that Yoga?

Week 21: One Minute of Fame

Week 22: Day Tripping From Farm to Ocean

Week 23: Who Dunnit?

Week 24: Face It

Week 25: Cringing Ringside

Week 26: Lost with Words

Week 27: The Queen’s Gospel

Week 28: The Happiest Place on Earth

Week 29: Boy, That’s for Dam Big!

Week 30: Wax On, Wax Off…Ouch!

Week 31: A Mixed Bag

Week 32: Lavender and Rose

Week 33: Showing Some Pride

Week 34: Walking Amongst the Dead

Week 35: Floating Away

Week 36: Helping Habitat for Humanity

Week 37: Up, Up and Away!

Week 38: Overnite Pow Wow

Week 39: Stomping on Those Grapes

Week 40: Island Girl Ink

Week 41: The Secret Week

Week 42: This Ain’t My First Rodeo…Well, Actually It Is

Week 43: Where There’s A Will

Week 44: Color My Day

Week 45: RiSE Up

Week 46: Speeding Across the Bay

Week 47: Cooks in the Kitchen

Week 48: A Haunting We Will Go

Week 49: Black’s Beach Birthday Suit

Week 50: Birthday Bash

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